About Nutrition Coaching

Whether you need individualized attention or simply just want some solid, trustworthy nutrition information - I have a service for you! Coaching is for those seeking to make some focused and intentional changes with guidance and accountability. Self-guided courses are for the independent worker that wants to improve their knowledge base and implement some solid tips into their daily regime.

Individualized Monthly Nutrition Coaching

When working with clients, I am consistently empowering you to implement sustainable change through education, mindset coaching, and habit building. Once you become a client, I will take you through an in depth initial consult so we can determine the best nutrition strategy for you (meal plan with recipes, mindful eating, macro coaching or a combination of all 3).

All of my clients are supported in the way they need to be supported in order to reach their goals. I don't have a single approach that applies to all clients. As a unique individual with a unique health history, diet history, body composition, goals, and preferences - I intend to coach you in a way that will be best suited to your uniqueness.

In order to produce the best results for you - I require all my clients to work with me for a minimum of 2 months in order to solidify habits to produce steps toward your intended outcome.

Self-Guided Workshops

I'm SO excited to introduce Self-Guided Workshops. These are for those of you who want more information for a specific nutrition topic without the long term commitment to coaching. It is a way to expand your knowledge and tools to help you reach your goals more confidently.

Workshops will include: Hydration Masterclass, Cooking 101, Pre and Post Workout Nutrition, Virtual Grocery Store Tour, etc. I am currently working on these, so they are not presently available. However, sign up for my newsletter below to be the first to know when a workshop has launched!

Contact Me

Email: kelseyfarnet@gmail.com

Phone: 504-905-0546


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