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Registered Dietitian + Nutritionist

Hi I'm Kelsey! I'm originally from New Orleans and now reside in Edmond, OK. I have worked in the health and fitness space my entire life and I am an advocate for evidenced-based information. As a dietitian, I believe no ​singular diet truly reigns supreme. I believe in nutrition individualized. You are unique and your plan should be individualized to your goals, needs, lifestyle, and preferences!

My experience stems within the sports performance realm, where I have experience working with professional, collegiate, high school and CrossFit athletes as well as the active adult population. My personal experience as a weightlifter and CrossFitter have led me to understand first-hand the pivotal role nutrition plays in performance enhancement, body composition, and injury prevention. 

My goal is to ensure that all my clients are reaching their goals in a way that is sustainable and long lasting through education, mindset, and habit building.

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Phone: 504-905-0546


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