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Meet Kelsey

Registered Dietitian + Nutritionist

Hi I'm Kelsey! I'm originally from New Orleans and now reside in Edmond, OK. I have worked in the health and fitness space my entire life and I am an advocate for evidenced-based information. As a dietitian, I believe no ​singular diet truly reigns supreme. You are unique and your plan should be individualized to your goals, needs, lifestyle, and preferences!

My goal is to ensure that all my clients are reaching their goals in a way that is sustainable and long lasting through education, mindset, and habit building.

What I Specialize In

Performance Nutrition

Establish Eating Habits

Relationship With Food

Personalized Nutrition Plan

Recipes and Home Cooking

I believe in nutrition individualized. Let me help you formulate your own unique healthy lifestyle. 

Begin Your Journey Today.

“I have gained so much more confidence in my ability to cook and plan my weekly meals and workouts. Plus, I lost an inch around both arms AND both legs working with Kelsey so I could feel my best at my wedding!”

- Sarah

“I started working with Kelsey to prepare for my next marathon. With her suggestions, I began fueling my body properly and PR'd my 5 mile time within 3 weeks!”

- Molly

"Thanks to Kelsey's personalized meal plan and counseling, I was able to drop 20+ pounds while increasing my strength and improving my cardio to prepare for the NFL combine. Truly cares about each client and adjusts to individual needs."

- RJ

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Phone: 504-905-0546


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